I embrace the word weirdo. I believe the best ideas come from far out thoughts. No idea is out of reach when you’re with the right team and wearing the next crazy lipstick color.

Hi, I’m Dana! I’m a recent graduate from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA in Design & Visual Communication.

I am fueled by graphic design and photography. I adore colors, shapes, and chunky type. Photography is my right hand man– I couldn’t imagine life with out it.

As a young kid, I would go downstairs to my parents computer and open up InDesign. I began creating my own dog encyclopedia… yea, as a kid I had many and, I guess, why not try and make my own. These mediocre, at best, InDesign creations made their way all the way into a bright green binder covered with Lisa Frank stickers. Weird times… but that’s my first design memory. Awesome.

Other than knowing that random fact now, I play with makeup on the daily– the more glitter the better– I develop black and white film in my tiny, apartment bathroom, and still can’t even do one push-up at 22 years old.