The objective of this senior project was to research a pain point of our communities and create a design solution for this problem. 

Roki is a roaming kitchen conceptual company, which I created after studying the effects that the lack of cooking skills has on young adults in the US. 


I created personas, which helped to shape how the company functions and influenced the overall design and communication within the brand standards. 

Through research and the data I collected from the personas, my initial thought of creating a website, to show the locations and menus of upcoming classes, changed. I pivoted my focus to create the products that could be won from attending each class.

Below I have my initial sketches of the website that would ultimately go along with the Roki concept. It would provide students a place to login and register for classes, while giving them the opportunity to browse classes.

Research Infographic

This infographic highlights the statistics that I researched about cooking and how it affects peoples mental and physical wellbeing.

Full infographic

Art Direction & Products

My favorite part of this project was seeing the brand come to life through the customized products and brand photography. I created the take home kits students would earn through participating in classes and applied the branding. I laser cut the logo into bamboo cutting boards and utensils and laser cut packaging for the bamboo utensil holder. I really love how these objects turned out and use them in my kitchen today! 

The photography is used in the brand guidelines book, infographic, and would be used for other marketing collateral. Taking my own photos allowed me to art direct the shoot and get the shots I knew I needed for my layouts. I am always eager to shoot images for my design projects, so this was really enjoyable. 

Brainstorming and Sketches

Here is a look into my mind while creating the Roki brand. I have logo sketches and my naming process below. Thanks for taking time to look through my Roki project! While this was a school project from Fall 2019, I believe it shows how my design process and design thinking evolves.