Resize | Redesign | Campaign Development

TechStore Redesign

Towards the end of my internship I was tasked with redesigning the TechStore branding assets. I was so excited to take on this project, as the graphic elements I had been working with for the TechStore were becoming outdated. Working on digital assets for the TechStore means lots of resizing. Thinking of the process I went through for every campaign; I knew the struggles of having so many layers and elements on each graphic that the file became very slow to work on. I wanted to simplify the branding of the TechStore not only for a cleaner, more modern feel, but also for the sanity of myself as I built each campaign!



Keeping the UWM gold in the design, I added the new secondary colors. This allows the campaigns to stand out more as they are displayed around campus. I kept and simplified some elements that I inherited, such as the presence of the circle, which is pulled from the logo, as well as the angle that is also seen in the logo. The circle is perfect for quick callouts and the diagonals provide nice movement. The older designs had a header bar with brushed steel textures and the logo. I decided to put this at the bottom, removed the texture and add a gradient with the same angle as mentioned before. The last thing I changed was the background. I chose an inky/shadow image to overlay, keeping with the overlaid feel that the TechStore campaigns often use with light leaks. 

I am very happy with how this redesign turned out, as it not only modernizes the TechStore branding, but also cuts down the graphical elements by a lot— in turn saving the designer time when building such large campaigns. 

10th Anniversary Sale

During my internship at UWM University Relations and Communication, I worked on sale campaigns for the TechStore in the union. This specific project was a combined sale promotion for the biannual Employee Appreciation Day sale and the 10th Anniversary Sale. Combining these two sales proved to be tricky as each sale had a lot of information to communicate. 

I had the opportunity to work with the lead designer to create a plan for how to execute the final assets and communicate both sales clearly. This designer and I worked together to come up with a new look for this promotion and a strategy for rolling out the assets prior to the sale. We decided to combine the sales on some print and digital assets, as well as create printed assets for each sale individually. Since we were combining a reoccurring sale with a new sale, we thought still sending out postcards for just the Employee Appreciation Day sale would be helpful for those who look forward to this sale every year. 

Digital Ad Resizes

A large part of the TechStore campaigns was resizing digital ads for various screen sizes, web applications, and email inserts.