Malloy Supply

UI Design

The owners of Malloy Supply approached me with an idea for an e-commerce website to sell calibration test pieces and other quality industry products, such as cleaning supplies and knives.

I sketched and designed the Malloy Supply site and built it using WordPress and WooCommerce. I worked with the hosting company to develop the backend of the site, while I prototyped and tested the front end.

I also photographed, retouched, and optimized all of the product photos. While all of this was going on I entered all of the inventory onto the website and organized the products by categories and tags, which helps the usability of the website for the end user.

Malloy Supply website mockup

My favorite part of working on creating the Malloy Supply store front was the fact that I got to wear many different hats and my day to day tasks were always changing. It was a big undertaking, but seeing the end result and having orders getting place is a great feeling.