UGC Creation

About Me

Hi, I’m Dana! With a BFA in Design and Visual Communication, I am a full time visual designer and product photographer for a B2C company. As a UGC creator specializing in creative strategy, I produce compelling ads for brands—driving conversions to sales. My short video content provides unique storytelling to engage the audience. Through authentic UGC videos and images, I help your brand gain social value and generate more profit. I can’t wait to work with you!

UGC Short Videos

Talking Head–App

Product Highlight–Dog Slow Feeder

Voiceover & GRWM–Skincare

Testimonial–Web Design Agency

E-Commerce Listing–Amazon Seller

E-Commerce Listing–Amazon Seller​

UGC Imagery

Selfie with product.
Product in home.
Product in Nature.

Why UGC?

Trusted & Impactful

79% of consumers say UGC content has impacted their buying decisions. This is higher than the 12% who said branded content impacts their decision. At the end of the day–people trust people more than brands.

“Why User-Generated Content Is Important for Any Marketing Strategy.” Nosto, 14 Jan. 2022

Social Proof

Seeing other customers using a product, increases brand credibility. It allows many individuals to share the brand story for you.

Builds Community

Showcasing UGC videos and photos to your brand account, allows for customers to feel valued and heard by your brand. This community is a positive when it comes to gain new customers and keeping returning ones.