Malloy Supply

UI Design

Malloy Supply website mockup

The owners of Malloy Supply approached me with an idea for an e-commerce website to sell calibration test pieces and other quality industry products, such as cleaning supplies and knives.

I conceptualized, sketched, and designed the Malloy Supply site and built it using WordPress and WooCommerce. I collaborated with backend developers to create the billing and shipping. An outside agency was used to work on the SEO and copywriting. I prototyped and tested the front end.

Having a robust menu was important to me when creating the site. I wanted the user to be able to find whichever type of product they wanted from anywhere on the site. Because of this I organized all items by brand and category. If users were looking for a specific brand, they could select that in the menu. If they wanted to browse entire categories, they could do that as well. Then when looking at a category page, the user could see a secondary menu to the left that outlines all of the categories for easy navigation. (See images below.)

Through successful time management, I also photographed, retouched, and optimized all of the product photos, uploaded and managed all of the inventory, and worked with another designer on the team to design the company logo, brand guidelines, and create the company name.

I successfully met the requested launch date. From conceptualization to launch the project took approximately five months.

My favorite part of working on creating the Malloy Supply store front was the fact that I got to wear many different hats and my day to day tasks were always changing. It was a big undertaking, but I learned a lot and enjoyed the collaboration throughout the process.