UI Design

My time at Detectapro began with a redesign of the companies website. Initially I had hand coded the site using HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS. A few months later I decided it would be easier if the site were to be changed to a WordPress site. This decision allowed for better ease for the owner to add new products and make changes to copy and pictures.

Detectapro is a company that sells to distributers, so there is no need for a shop function, but rather just displaying the products and giving the technical information behind each product.

The new site can be seen in the image below and interacted with here.

All the product photography seen on the website was shot and retouched by myself.

Digital Design

Another job of mine at Detectapro was to create weekly emails. The content was pretty straight forward, as it was to inform distributers about available products and their specifications.

Two goals of the emails were to drive traffic to the website and get more inquiries for free samples.

Between working on print assets and the digital emails, I created a clean new look for the brand. This look is now consistent throughout promotional tools, whether that be digital or print.

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